Card Game Revolver

  • Displays a suit of cards + joker, suit to change every game
  • Displays in window
  • Cards shown face up, customer to select between 1 and 6 with bet type default to Combination when 6 cards are selected
  • After submission the bet is submitted and the cards return to face up for another bet
  • At the point the game starts the cards will turn over, shuffle face down, six cards will be drawn face down, and they will turn over sequentially, from turn-over to the revealing of the sixth card will be 45 seconds
  • Game to have link to non-expired bets page

The Game(s)

  • Capable of communicating with the Any Tote hub worldwide via XML or ITSP 5.19
  • Delivers all advance game data to the tote hub including but not limited to and dictated by ITSP for Tote XML interface requirements:
  • Games/Races (by number)
  • Selections (always the same 14)
  • Results
  • VGN™ Flagship Card Game - REVOLVER

VGN™ Bet engine

  • Will interface between the game and the Tote hub
  • Will conduct the bet transaction with the partner site

Web Site

  • Will act as play for fantasy and for prizes site for education and demonstration purposes only and will have a dedicated customer account section in addition to all game facilities