Virtual Gaming Network Corp™ (VGN™) is an exciting, high energy, growth company with proprietary world-class gaming products that are presently being developed for the North American, European and International marketplaces.

The VGN™ Multi – platform online and land based operating system will provide a next generation, revolutionary virtual gaming alternative to new and existing owner operators via globally connected pari-mutuel networks and market leading game aggregators. The dedicated “Virtual Events” will be offered online, mobile, as well as simulcast to land based betting facilities via the Inter tote system protocol (ITSP). Betting pools will be co-mingled nationally and internationally where appropriate.

The “Virtual Events” presented through multiple channels will also offer additional revenue streams to online providers, mobile providers, land based racetracks, casino’s and their affiliates by utilising “Virtual Event” intervals to increase their advertising, branding power and marketing opportunities on the VGN™ worldwide partner affiliated subsidiary Social Unified Network (SUN).

VGN™ is a real time, progressive, pari-mutuel wagering platform that is being custom developed for the next generation of gaming and has been extensively tested to exceed international standards at all levels. Virtual Gaming Network's mandate is to market and distribute its virtual pari-mutuel wagering platform and portfolio of virtual gaming events to operators on a global scale. VGN™ is the product of years of research and development, innovation and industry analysis.

In 2017 VGN™ decided it was now time to commence with an aggressive campaign plan in order to fully fund the remainder of its development and to bring its proprietary products to market and capitalize on the positive technological and legislative changes that are changing the face of the gaming industry on a global scale.

The VGN™ flagship product REVOLVER is in the last stages of development and will be available for rollout in the second half of 2018. Its test market is vast and diverse, from the high street betting shops of London, to the Harness tracks of North America to the massive untapped online gaming market in Africa.

It is anticipated that by the end of 2018, VGN™ will be deployed in numerous legal jurisdictions around the globe, and is projecting millions in future revenue each year from its participating, licensed, gaming partners online and on land. Every newly licensed gaming opportunity builds more momentum and synergy for VGN™ within this multi-billion soon to be trillion dollar global industry.