Delivery Strategy

The VGN™ system will support multiple "Virtual Event" types via internet, fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT's), mobile devices and The Inter Tote System Protocol (ITSP) network. Although the "Virtual Events" will be visually very different, tailored to the target client demographic, the mathematics of the opportunities will be identical and will feed the same pools.

The flagship launch will be the REVOLVER card game and the initial delivery will be via partner gaming sites over the internet. REVOLVER is an easier fit with most gaming sites as there is no resistance to multiple card games on a single site. The internet will be the initial delivery channel due to client volume and revenue potential.

Subsequent early channel releases will be:

  • FOBT’s (Fixed odds Betting Terminals) as the development required to harness this channel is minimal and FOBT penetration in bricks and mortar premises is high globally.
  • Direct video feed to licensed premises using tote terminals and kiosks on the existing tote betting terminal network.
  • A Mobile platform coded in HTML5 will cover all mobile devices at once.

Later channel releases for more remote locations will include:

  • Direct Satellite TV using set-top box capability with customer interaction via the set-top box external connectivity.
  • Satellite TV with betting via telephone.

In parallel with the delivery channel expansion the game portfolio will be expanded. As the games will operate in the same manner the development required is minimal. This will enable maximum revenue to be extracted from partner clients with specific sport and game interests, example, Horseracing for bookmakers and racetracks, keno and cards for gaming sites and casinos. The game will also be tailored for specific sporting events and series such as Nascar®, Moto GP® and Formula 1®.

In summary the VGN™ product will start to generate momentum as it is played, the more people that play the larger the payouts become. It is not limited by geography, technology or by the "Virtual Event" type itself. As the complex bet pools roll over when they are not won and the repeater-meter functionality encourage advance betting pools that are able to achieve truly colossal volumes. Everyone plays the lottery on a rollover weekend. But with the VGN™ system the betting is every 90 Seconds and as the bets can be made for up to 99 games in advance, not just for the next game, even after a big win the following game will already have a substantial pool. Revenue from e-gaming is currently estimated to be 41.4 billion annually and is forecast to reach 73 billion by 2018.  VGN™ will be ideally placed to capitalize on this growth.