Games Overview

RNG (Random Number Generator)

  • Unpluggable ( so that an alternative RNG may be used if VGN™ adds a video product or other product that necessitates a proprietary RNG)
  • Certified Random
  • Capable of selecting 6 from a set of 14 in a specific order
  • Interfaced to the Race Control Terminal Emulator
  • Interfaced to the game(s)
  • Generating a set of results every 90 seconds

The Game(s)

  • For use on multiple partner websites, utilising Flash and HTML5
  • The game will be offered in two versions for partner sites with an existing tote interface and without existing tote interfaces (which will also be used for (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals) FOBT’s or where it is deemed financially more appropriate due to tote transmission charges)
  • A game will take place every 90 seconds
  • The "Virtual Event" for each game will last 45 seconds
  • A page with submitted bets will be available displaying all nonexpired bets


  • Bet offered: Single, first drawn of the 6 from the results set.
  • Bet offered: Revolver Bet, 50% of the value bet to go to the Boxed Six 6 in any order, 50% to go to the Big Six 6 in specific order.
  • Bets are always on the next numbered games(s) i.e. you cannot select a game at a point in the future, it is always the next 1-99 games (or races) in order.
  • The game will display the “will pays” / “guide price” for the individual selections.
  • The game will display the pool values for the Singles pool, Boxed Six, and Big Six pools.
  • At the point the game starts bets submitted will be to subsequent games.